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Gavin and Nicola's T25 (alas now sold)

Gavin & Nicola's  T2 'Bucket'  (then)

Gavin and Nicola's T2 'Bucket'   ( NOW)

Rudders bug

Donnie and Christine's T25 ( Sold)

Donnie and Christine's T5



Nige's Van before and after.

Nige's Spitfire 

Stevie's  Van 

Scott's cool ride

Hammy's T4  (Sold)



Hammies Dec ( Sold )

Hammies T4 ( Sold )


Hammies T2  (Wedding Bus)  SOLD


Hammies T5 Wingamm Micros  and   Splitty

Neil's splitty


Gavin's Collection

Nikki's on holiday again ;-)



Graham's collection

John's collection


Marks Bugs


wee lineup



Pablo's collection



Clair's lineup



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